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Title: The far-infrared (IRAS) excess in HD 161796 and related stars
Authors: Parthasarathy, M
Pottasch, S. R
Keywords: Far Infrared Radiation;Spaceborne Astronomy;Stellar Envelopes;Stellar Mass Ejection;Supergiant Stars;A Stars;Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars;B Stars;F Stars;Infrared Astronomy Satellite;Planetary Nebulae;Stellar Evolution;Stellar Winds
Issue Date: Jan-1986
Publisher: European Southern Observatory
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 154, No. 1 - 2, pp. L16 - L19
Abstract: The far infrared IRAS measurements of the high galactic latitude F-supergiant HD 161796 and related stars are found to show strong far infrared excesses, due to large amounts of dust around them. For HD 161796 the dust mass is found to be of the order of 10/sup-2M_sun; to 10/sup-3M_sun;, and for HD 101584 it is of the order of 10/sup-3M_sun;. These results suggest that HD 161796 and other similar high galactic latitude F-supergiants have suffered extensive mass loss in the past as a result of superwind phenomenon on their AGB stage of evolution.
ISSN: 0004-6361
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