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Title: On a connection between supernova occurrence and tidal interaction in early type galaxies
Authors: Kochhar, R. K
Keywords: Galaxies;Star Formation;Supernovae;Gases;Populations
Issue Date: Nov-1990
Publisher: International Astronomical Union
Citation: In NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Paired and Interacting Galaxies: International Astronomical Union Colloquium No. 124 pp. 315 - 320
Series/Report no.: International Astronomical Union Colloquium;No. 124
Abstract: There are three types of supernovae: two subtypes SNIa and Ib; and SNII. Late type galaxies produce all types of SN, whereas early types (E, SO, and non-Magellanic irregulars IO) have hosted only SNIa. The recently identified SNIb, like SNII, have massive stars as their progenitors. Reviving Oemler and Tinsley's (1979) suggestion that SNIa also come from short-lived stars, the author asserts that they need not occur in all early-type galaxies. SNIa occur only in those galaxies that have access to gas and can form stars in their main body. (SN in nuclear regions are a different matter altogether). In this model, SNIa are not associated with typical stellar population of E/SOs but with regions of localized star formation. Note that data on SNIa from spirals is already consistent with this model.
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