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Title: Acceleration and radiation processes around active galactic nuclei
Authors: Krishan, V
Keywords: Active Galactic Nuclei;Cosmic Plasma;Electron Acceleration;Emission Spectra;Interstellar Radiation;Raman Spectra;Backscattering;Luminosity;Magnetohydrodynamic Flow;Plasma Oscillations;Plasma Radiation
Issue Date: Oct-1985
Publisher: D. Reidel Publishing Co.
Citation: Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol. 115, No. 1, pp. 119 - 126
Abstract: It is proposed that the region containing fast particles, electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, around active galactic nuclei is responsible for generating electromagnetic emissions from γ-rays to radio waves. The electrons are accelerated by Langmuir turbulence originating through the process of Raman forward scattering. The radiation mechanism is stimulated Raman backward scattering where the fast electron beam loses energy by scattering over spatially periodic magnetic field. The spatially periodic magnetic field results from the magnetic modulational instability of the Langmuir waves. This model accounts well for the large luminosities observed in active galactic nuclei over γ-rays to radio waves and in addition it relates physically the emission regions at different wavelengths.
ISSN: 0004-640X
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