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Title: Phase diagram of a bosonic ladder with two coupled chains
Authors: Sethi Luthra, M
Mishra, T
Pai, R. V
Das, B. P
Keywords: Condensed Matter;Statistical Mechanics;Condensed Matter - Other
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review B, Vol. 78, No. 16, pp. 165104
Abstract: We study a bosonic ladder with two coupled chains using the finite size density matrix renormalisation group method. We show that in a commensurate bosonic ladder the critical on-site interaction ($U_C$) for the superfluid to Mott insulator transition becomes larger as the inter-chain hopping ($t_\bot$)increases. We analyze this quantum phase transition and obtain the phase diagram in the $t_\bot -U$ plane.
ISSN: 1098-0121
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