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Title: Observations and interpretation of solar decameter type IIIb radio bursts
Authors: Krishan, V
Subramanian, K. R
Sastry, Ch. V
Keywords: Astronomical Models;Decametric Waves;Pulse Duration;Type 3 Bursts;Atmospherics;Electric Fields;Electromagnetic Radiation;Electron Beams;High Resolution;Magnetic Fields;Plasma Physics;Plasma-Particle Interactions
Issue Date: Jun-1980
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation: Solar Physics, Vol. 66, No. 2, pp. 347 - 355
Abstract: Solar decameter bursts of Type IIIb are observed with a multichannel radiometer at wavelengths around 12m. The time and frequency resolutions were 10 ms and 100 kHz. Observations on the time structure of these bursts are presented. A theoretical model which accounts for various aspects of these bursts is proposed.
ISSN: 0038-0938
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