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Title: Optical spectroscopic and 2MASS measurements of Stephenson Halpha stars
Authors: Maheswar, G
Manoj, P
Bhatt, H. C
Keywords: Stars: emission -line;Be;stars: general;Stars: pre-main sequence;Stars: late-type;Infrared: stars
Issue Date: May-2003
Publisher: European Southern Observatory
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 402, No. 3, pp. 963 - 970
Abstract: We present the results of spectroscopic observations for 52 objects from the list of Halpha emission stars of Stephenson (\cite{Ste86}). Out of six known T Tauri stars observed, five showed Halpha in emission and in one (StHa 40), Halpha changed from being in absorption to emission over a period of two years, accompanied by photometric and spectral type variability. We confirm the T Tauri nature of one Stephenson object (StHa 48) on the basis of the presence of Halpha and Hbeta in emission, Li I lambda6708 in absorption, infrared excess and X-ray emission. Among the 52 objects observed, there were other emission line objects: 1 Ke star, 1 BQ[ ] star, 2 galaxies and 2 Be stars. We present a higher-resolution spectrum of StHa 62 showing permitted and forbidden lines in emission typical of BQ[ ] stars. Twenty five out of 30 newly observed objects failed to show Halpha in emission. We also present 2MASS observations for 112 StHa objects. We suggest three Stephenson objects (StHa 52, 125 and 129) to be YSOs on the basis of 2MASS, IRAS and ROSAT observations. These and all other known YSOs amongst StHa stars are found in regions of star-forming clouds in Taurus, Orion and Ophiuchus. YSOs at high galactic latitudes in other parts of the sky are therefore rare. Table 2 is only available in electronic form at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via
ISSN: 0004-6361
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