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Title: The optical spectrum of nova LW Serpentis 1978
Authors: Prabhu, T. P
Anupama, G. C
Keywords: Novae;Radiant flux density;Stellar spectrophotometry;Visible spectrum;Oxygen;Spectral energy distribution;Spectral resolution;Spectrum analysis
Issue Date: Mar-1987
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation: Astrophysics and Space Science , Vol. 131, No. 1 - 2, pp. 479 - 484
Abstract: Optical spectroscopic data of the nova LW Serpentis 1978, covering its diffuse-enhanced phase until the onset of the forbidden O I line flash, were obtained at the Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kavalur, between March 10 and April 7, 1978. Emission lines, covering a range of 4000-8700 A at dispersions ranging from 83-675 A/mm, steadily increased during the observation period, with highest increases for H-alpha and O I 8446 A. A mean absorption velocity of -1303 + or - 46 km/s is deduced, and the present spectral evolution is consistent with those of fast novae such as NQ Vul 1976.
ISSN: 0004-640X
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