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Title: Equilibrium of a thin, isolated, axisymmetric force-free magnetic flux tube in a stratified atmosphere
Authors: Lakshmi, P
Gokhale, M. H
Keywords: Magnetic field configurations;Magnetic flux;Solar atmosphere;Solar corona;Coronal loops;Equations of state;Plasma diagnostics;Plasma temperature
Issue Date: Mar-1988
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation: Solar Physics, Vol. 114, No. 1, pp. 75 - 80
Abstract: The equations for equilibrium of a thin, isolated, axisymmetric, and force-free magnetic flux tube are derived, taking into account the inhomogeneities of the magnetic field, plasma pressure, and plasma density over the tube's cross-section, and the variation of the cross-section diameter, up to the second-order in the parameter representing the tube thinness. It is shown that the two equations of equilibrium and the essential constraints applied form a closed system of equations. Auxiliary assumptions concerning the temperature of the tube plasma are found to be neither necessary nor possible.
ISSN: 0038-0938
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