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Title: Centrifugal Acceleration in Pulsar Magnetospheres
Authors: Thomas, R. M. C
Gangadhara, R. T
Keywords: Centrifugal Acceleration;Pulsar Magnetospheres
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: International Astronomical Union
Citation: IAU Symposium, No. 218, pp. 375 - 376
Abstract: We present a relativistic model of pulsar radio emission by plasma accelerated along the rotating magnetic field lines projected on to a 2D plane perpendicular to the rotation axis. We have derived the expression for the trajectory of a particle, and estimated the spectrum of radio emission by the plasma bunches. We used the parameters given by Peyman &Gangadhara (2002). The analytical expressions for the Stokes parameters are obtained, and their values compared with the observed profiles. The one sense of circular polarization, observed in many pulsars, can be explained in light of our model.
ISSN: 0074-1809
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