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Title: Is DZ Andromedae an R Coronae Borealis variable?
Authors: Goswami, A
Kameswara Rao, N
Lambert, D. L
Keywords: Surface Gravity;Micro-turbulence;Stellar Parameters
Issue Date: Aug-1998
Publisher: The Observatory
Citation: The Observatory, Vol. 118,No. 1145, pp. 213 - 218
Abstract: The variable star DZ Andromedae has been suspected to be an R Coronae Borealis variable. Our analysis of a high-resolution spectrum shows that the star has been misclassified: the spectrum resembles that of a K giant. We have determined the stellar parameters - effective temperature, surface gravity, and microturbulence - using model atmosphere. Abundances derived for a range of light elements, many Fe-peak elements, and a few s-process elements indicate a near-solar composition for DZ And.
ISSN: 0029 - 7704
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