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Title: The Correlation Lifetimes of Chromospheric CA II K Network Cells
Authors: Raju, K. P
Srikanth, R
Singh, J
Keywords: Solar Chromosphere;ACF
Issue Date: Mar-1998
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Solar Physics, Vol. 178, No. 2, pp. 251 – 257
Abstract: The lifetimes and spatial scales of emission network cells in the solar chromosphere were studied from a nearly continuous sequence of Caii K filtergrams, obtained from Antarctica. The temporal autocorrelation function (ACF) was calculated for spatially-aligned windows from the time sequence of filtergrams. The lifetime of network cells was found to be dependent on the activity of the region. The estimated lifetimes are 24–34 hours for quiet-region cells and 58–61 hours for active-region cells. The temporal ACF shows prominent undulations in some of the quiet-region windows. The spatial ACF reveals the periodicity of the emission network in quiet regions.
Description: Restricted Access
ISSN: 0038-0938
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