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Title: HiRES - A high-resolution stigmatic extreme ultraviolet spectroheliometer for studies of the fine-scale structure of the solar chromosphere, transition region, and corona
Authors: Timothy, J. G
Berger, T. E
Morgan, J. S
Walker, A. B. C
Jain, S. K
Saxena, A. K
Bhattacharyya, J. C
Huber, M. C. E
Tondello, G
Naletto, G
Keywords: Chromosphere;Extreme ultraviolet radiation;Rocket-borne instruments;Solar corona;Spectroheliographs;Ultraviolet spectroscopy;Calibrating;High resolution
Issue Date: Aug-1991
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Optical Engineering , Vol. 30, No.8, pp. 1142 - 1149
Abstract: HiRES is a high-resolution stigmatic EUV spectroheliometer whose 45-cm Gregory telescope is coupled to a spectrometer employing a single toroidal diffraction grating and an imaging pulse-counting multianode microchannel array detector system. This spectroheliometer will be used in conjunction with plasma-diagnostic techniques to study the temperature, density, and velocity structures of specific features in the outer solar atmosphere.
Description: Restricted Access
ISSN: 0091-3286
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