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Title: The Accelero-Magnetic Field, Thomas Precession and an Equivalence Principle for Spin
Authors: Unnikrishnan, C. S
Keywords: Gravito-Magnetic Field;Equivalence Principle;Accelero-Magnetic Field;Thomas Precession;Spin
Issue Date: Mar-2001
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Citation: Modern Physics Letters A, Vol. 16, No. 7, pp. 429 - 440
Abstract: In the weak field limit of Einstein gravity, there are gravitational analogues of the vector potential and the magnetic field. The equivalence principle guides us to a magnetic-like interaction arising from inertial acceleration. The spin precession due to this accelero-magnetic field is identified as the Thomas precession. Hence the torque that is responsible for the precession of the spin is identified as resulting from a physical interaction with a magnetic-like inertial-field. Once the equivalence principle is assumed to some accuracy, well supported by precision tests, this implies that the average effect of the accelero-magnetic field on a classical or quantum gyroscope is the same as that of the gravito-magnetic field on a gyroscope. Precision spectroscopy of spin-orbit doublets in atoms is hence an indirect high precision test of the existence and properties of the gravito-magnetic field. This also implies that the planned and current experiments will not see any deviations from the predictions of general relativity. This line of thought is extended to a brief discussion on the possibility of formulating an independent equivalence principle for the spin.
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ISSN: 0217-7323
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