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Title: Doppler frequency fluctuations of lower thermospheric reflections in the equatorial electrojet region
Authors: Sastri, J. H
Ramesh, K. B
Rao, J. V. S. V
Keywords: Doppler effect;Equatorial electrojet;F Region;Thermosphere;Wave propagation;Gravity waves;High frequencies;Plasma density;Plasma frequencies;Refractivity
Issue Date: Jul-1991
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics , Vol. 53, No.6 - 7, pp. 567 - 576
Abstract: The origin of short-period fluctuations from Doppler frequency-shift (P) data is investigated by examining their quantitative relationships with ambient electrojet strength and associated ionospheric conditions. The wave activity from 30-300 s is computed in terms of variations in P as synthesized through reverse FFT. P is found to vary linearly with ambient electrojet strength, and the Doppler fluctuations in the 30-300-s range tend to stop during partial or total counter-electrojet conditions. The highest sensitivity to changes in electrojet strength is noted in the 30-120-s region, and the spectral content of P fluctuations is dominated by the 120-210-s and 210-300-s subbands. The primary source of the short-period fluctuations in P data from the lower F-region reflections near the dip equator is the turbulent state of the diurnal electrojet.
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ISSN: 0021-9169
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