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Title: HD 105262: a high latitude metal-poor post-AGB. A supergiant with large proper motion
Authors: Reddy, B. E
Parthasarathy, M
Sivarani, T
Keywords: Stars:abundances;Stars:evolution;Stars:supergiants;Stars:population;Stars:post-AGB;Stars:individual:HD 105262
Issue Date: Sep-1996
Publisher: European Southern Observatory
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 313, No. 1, pp. 191 - 196
Abstract: The large proper motion post-AGB supergiant stars are very rare. HD 105262 is a high galactic latitude (+72deg) A-type star with large proper motion (0.057arcsec/year) and high c1-index. Earlier, it was classified as a Field Horizontal Branch (FHB) star. Recently, Abt (1993) suggested that it may be a star similar to HR 4049. From an analysis of the spectra the chemical composition of HD 105262 has been determined. The elemental abundances are found to be, [Fe/H]=-2.2, [C/H]=-0.1, [N/H]=-0.2, [O/H]=-0.5, [α/H]=-1.6. The C/O=1.2 shows that HD 105262 is a carbon rich star. The chemical composition of HD 105262 indicates that it has gone through the AGB nucleosynthesis. The chemical composition, absolute magnitude, high galactic latitude and kinematics indicate that HD 105262 is a halo metal-poor post-AGB A supergiant. It is not a FHB star.
ISSN: 0004-6361
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