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Title: SAO 75669: A late type giant behind the molecular cloud MBM 12
Authors: Bhatt, H. C
Sagar, R
Subramaniam, A
Gorti, U
Chandrasekhar, T
Ashok, N. M
Ragland, S
Keywords: Giant stars;Infrared Spectra;Interstellar Extinction;Interstellar Matter;M Stars;Molecular Clouds;Stellar Magnitude;Visible Spectrum;Absorptance;Astronomical Polarimetry;Flux Density;Spectrum Analysis;Stellar Spectrophotometry
Issue Date: Sep-1994
Publisher: European Southern Observatory
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 289, No. 3, pp. 946 - 948
Abstract: Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the star SAO 75669 in the region of the high galactic latitude molecular cloud MBM 12 are presented. The optical, near-infrared and far-infrared IRAS photometric magnitudes together with the observed CCD spectrum and the large degree of polarization are consistent with the star being and M type giant behind the molecular cloud MBM 12 suffering about 1.8 magnitudes visual extinction. The wavelength dependence of polarization indicates that the dust in the cloud is normal.
ISSN: 0004-6361
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