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Title: Longterm Photometry of Variables at ESO - Part Two - the Second Data Catalogue 1986-1990
Authors: Sterken, C
Manfroid, J
Anton, K
Barzewski, A
Bibo, E
Bruch, A
Burger, M
Duerbeck, H. W
Duemmler, R
Heck, A
Hensberge, H
Hiesgen, M
Inklaar, F
Jorissen, A
Juettner, A
Kinkel, U
Zongli, L
Mekkaden, M. V
Ng, Y. K
Niarchos, P
Puttmann, M
Szeifert, T
Spiller, F
Vandijk, R
Vogt, N
Wanders, I
Keywords: Photometry;Stars: variablesJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.;uvby;Data analysis
Issue Date: Nov-1993
Publisher: European Southern Observatory
Citation: Astronomical and Astrophysics Supplement series, Vol. 102, No.1, pp. 79 - 83
Abstract: In this paper we present the second catalogue of photometric data in the Stromgren system obtained during the period October 1986 - September 1990 in the framework of the Long-Term Photometry of Variables (LTPV)program at the European Southern Observatory. The catalogue is available in computer readable form at the Centre de Donnees de Strasbourg.
ISSN: 0365-0138
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