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Title: H-alpha variability in the quiescent spectrum of the recurrent nova T Coronae Borealis
Authors: Anupama, G. C
Prabhu, T. P
Keywords: H alpha line;Novae;Stellar spectra;Variable stars;Emission spectra;Spectral line width;Variability;Visible spectrum
Issue Date: Dec-1991
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Citation: MNRAS, Vol. 253, No.4, pp. 605 - 609
Abstract: The emission lines in the quiescent spectrum of the recurrent nova T Coronae Borealis are variable. Optical spectra recorded during the years 1985-90 show one full cycle of high and low states. After removing the slow variation, an orbital-phase-dependent variation becomes apparent in the H-alpha line, with maxima around orbital phases 0 and 0.5. The slow variation indicates secular changes in the accretion disk possibly caused by a variable mass-transfer rate. Orbital variations can be caused either by geometrical effects or a phase-modulated mass-transfer rate. More detailed monitoring is needed to model the system.
ISSN: 0035-8711
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