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Title: Search for Hydrogen-alpha Emitting Cool Pockets in Corona During the Total Solar Eclipse of October 24, 1995
Authors: Bagare, S. P
Cowsik, R
Singh, J
Raju, K. P
Saxena, A. K
Samson, J. P. A
Naidu, B. N
Keywords: Solar Corona;H-alpha emission;Cool pockets in corona
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore
Citation: Kodaikanal Observatory Bulletins Series A, Vol. 13, pp. 53-54
Abstract: Narrow pass band hydrogen alpha filtergrams were obtained during totality at Kalpi, to look for cool pockets of H-alpha emission in corona first observed by Bappu and Bhattacharyya during the 1970 Mexican eclipse observations. A 1k XIk liquid cooled CCD camera was used to record the corona using 2 cm colar image. No evidence of any H-alpha emitting pockets was found in the observed part of the Corona.
ISSN: 0374-3632
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