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Title: Cylindrical Hall – MHD Waves: A Nonlinear Solution
Authors: Krishan, V
Varghese, B. A
Keywords: Cylindrical Hall – MHD Waves
Issue Date: Jan-2008
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Citation: Solar Physics, Vol. 247, No. 2, pp. 343 - 349
Abstract: The exact nonlinear cylindrical solution for incompressible Hall – magnetohydrodynamic (HMHD) waves, including dissipation, essentially from electron – neutral collisions, is obtained in a uniformly rotating, weakly ionized plasma such as exists in photospheric flux tubes. The ω – k relation of the waves, called here Hall – MHD waves, demonstrates the dispersive nature of the waves, introduced by the Hall effect, at large axial and radial wavenumbers. The Hall – MHD waves are in general elliptically polarized. The partially ionized plasma supports lower frequency modes, lowered by the factor δ≡ratio of the ion mass density to the neutral particle mass density, as compared to the fully ionized plasma (δ=1). The relation between the velocity and the magnetic field fluctuations departs significantly from the equipartition found in Alfvén waves. These short-wavelength and arbitrarily large amplitude waves could contribute toward the heating of the solar atmosphere.
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