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Title: Jet in seyfert galaxies
Authors: Shastri, P
Lal, D. V
Gabuzda, D. C
Keywords: Active Galactic Nuclei;Seyfert Galaxies;AGN Paradigm
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: Collin, S., Combes, F and Shlosman, I.,eds., Active Galactic Nuclei : From Central Engine to Host Galaxy., Proceedings of a conference held in Paris, Meudon Observatory, Meudon, France, 23-27 July 2002, pp. 311 – 314
Series/Report no.: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series; Vol. 290
Abstract: We will present the main results from a study of the pc-scale radio structure of our matched sample of Seyfert galaxies, specifically selected to test the Unified Scheme. We chose purportedly face-on (Seyfert 1) and edge-on (Seyfert 2) objects that are intrinsically similar and minimized selection biases. Our results are mostly consistent with the predictions of the scheme. We are also able to look for correlations with Seyfert properties at other wavelengths and comment on the nature of the radio jets.
Description: Open Access
ISBN: 1-58381-135-4
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