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Title: On the K-line width-absolute magnitude relation
Authors: Bappu, M. K. V
Keywords: Solar Atmosphere;K-Line Emission;Solar Disc;M.K.V. Bappu
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: D. Reidel Publishing
Citation: Problems of Calibration of Absolute Magnitudes and Temperature of Stars. Proceedings of IAU Symposium no. 54 Held in Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 12-15, 1972, Edited by B. Hauck and Bengt E. Westerlund, pp. 64-67
Abstract: Bright fine mottles seen on the solar disk are identified as the agency that locates the Sun on the K-line width-absolute magnitude relation of Wilson and Bappu. The contribution of the supergranular network emission and the plage emission from centres of activity tends to upset the uniqueness of the relation. The line width-absolute magnitude relation is thus a characteristic of the convection zone underlying the stellar atmosphere.
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