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  • Bhatt, H. C; Mallik, D. C. V (The European Southern Observatory, 1986-11)
    Cn 1-1 is an emission-line object that shows strong emission lines characteristic of high density planetary nebulae superposed on the stellar spectrum of an F5 III-IV star. The authors estimate the absolute luminosity of ...
  • Parthasarathy, M; Pottasch, S. R (European Southern Observatory, 1989-11)
    The FIR IRAS flux distributions and color of 12 peculiar emission-line objects (HD 51585, Hen 401, Hen 591, Hen 1013, He 2-138, M 2-9, HD 326971, Hen 1357, Hen 1428, Tc 1, Hen 1475, and M 1-26) are found to be similar to ...
  • Pottasch, S. R; Parthasarathy, M (European Southern Observatory, 1988-03)
    The far-infrared IRAS excesses are found in ten luminous F-G stars. The far-IR fluxes from these stars are due to large amounts of dust around them. The far-IR flux distribution, far-IR luminosities and dust masses are ...

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