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Title: Numerical Methods for Solving the Polarized Line Transfer Equations with Partial Frequency Redistribution
Authors: Nagendra, K. N
Frisch, H
Fluri, D. M
Keywords: Polarized Line Transfer
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: ASP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 307, pp. 227 - 240
Abstract: In this paper we present brief review on Polarized Approximate Lamda Iteration (PALI) line radiative transfer method, for solving the Hanle effect line formation problem with Angle Averaged (AA) partial frequency redistribution. The recently derived Bommier`s redistribution matrix is employed in this numerical method. Few equations relevant for describing the main problem are presented. Further, we describe a simple polarization perturbative method of solving the Angle Dependent (AD) redistribution problem. Both these methods are illustrated through sample results. The general implications of the core-wing approach to partial redistribution (PRD) theory is pointed out.
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