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Title: Dynamics of charged particles in the radio emission region of pulsar magnetosphere
Authors: Thomas, R. M. C
Gangadhara, R. T
Keywords: stars: pulsars: general;Acceleration of Particles;Radiation Mechanisms: non-thermal;Stars: rotation;Radio Continuum: stars
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 467, No. 3, pp. 911-918
Abstract: We consider the classical picture of three dimensional motion of charged particles in pulsar magnetosphere. We adopt a perturbative method to solve the equation of motion, and find the trajectory of particles as they move along the rotating dipolar magnetic field lines. Our aim is to study the influence of rotation on the pulsar radio emission by considering the constrained motion of particles along the open dipolar magnetic field lines. We find that the rotation induces a significant curvature into the particle trajectories. Our model predicts the intensity on leading side dominates over that of trailing side. We expect that if there is any curvature induced radio emission from the region close to the magnetic axis then it must be due to the rotation induced curvature. Our model predicts the radius-to-frequency mapping (RFM) in the conal as well as core emissions.
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