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Title: Photometric study of type Ia supernova SN 2002hu
Authors: Sahu, D. K
Anupama, G. C
Prabhu, T. P
Keywords: Supernovae: general;Galaxies: individual
Issue Date: Jan-2006
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Citation: MNRAS, Vol. 366, No. 2, pp. 682–688
Abstract: Optical UBVRI photometry of the type Ia supernova (SN Ia) SN 2002hu covering the period from −2 to +73 d since B maximum is presented. The supernova reached at maximum brightness in B on JD 245 2591.78 ± 0.5 with an apparent magnitude of 16.83 ± 0.02 mag and a relatively blue colour (B−V) =−0.08 ± 0.04 mag. The luminosity decline rate of Δm15(B) = 1.00 ± 0.05 indicates an absolute B magnitude at maximum of MmaxB=−19.38 ± 0.3. The estimated absolute B magnitude, together with the photometric evolution, indicate SN 2002hu was slightly overluminous compared to the average SNe Ia. The distance modulus to the parent galaxy is estimated to be μ= 36.04 ± 0.20.
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