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Title: A high-resolution spectral analysis of three carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars
Authors: Goswami, A
Aoki, W
Beers, T. C
Christlieb, N
Norris, J. E
Ryan, S. G
Tsangarides, S
Keywords: Stars;CH Stars
Issue Date: Sep-2006
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Citation: MNRAS, Vol. 372, No. 1, pp. 343 – 356
Abstract: We present results of an analysis of high-resolution spectra obtained with the Subaru Telescope High Dispersion Spectrograph, of two Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor stars, HE 1305+0007 and HE 1152-0355, and of the classical CH star HD 5223. All of these stars have relatively low effective temperatures (4000-4750 K) and high carbon abundances. The stellar atmospheric parameters indicate that they all have surface gravities consistent with a present location on the red-giant branch, and metallicities of [Fe/H] = -2.0 (HE 1305+0007, HD 5223) and [Fe/H]= -1.3 (HE 1152-0355). In addition to their large enhancements of carbon all three stars exhibit strong enhancements of the s-process elements relative to iron. HE 1305+0007 exhibits a large enhancement of the 3rd-peak s-process element lead, with [Pb/Fe] = +2.37, as well as a high abundance of the r-process element europium, [Eu/Fe] = +1.97. Thus, HE 1305+0007 joins the growing class of the so-called ``Lead Stars'', and also the class of objects that exhibit the presence of both r-process and s-process elements, the CEMP-r/s stars. The large enhancement of n-capture elements exhibited by HE 1152-0355 and HD 5223 are more consistent with the abundance patterns generally noticed in CH stars. The elemental abundance distributions observed in these stars are discussed in the light of existing theories of CH star formation, as well as the suggested formation scenarios of the CEMP-r/s group.
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