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  • P.R. Chidambara Ayyar joined as an Assistant at the Solar Physics Observatory, Kodaikanal on April 20th 1920. He was a graduate from the Madras University and had put in six years and nine months in the meteorological department of government of India as a permanent first assistant before joining Kodaikanal observatory. In 1918 Mr. G. Nagaraja Ayyar who was a 2nd Assistant at Kodaikanal Observatory fell ill with a severe attack of influenza and subsequently died, his post became vacant and Chidambara Ayyar was appointed as a second assistant. There is an interesting story how the well known scientist Dr. K.S. Krishnan tried for this post in the beginning of his career but could not succeed as Chidambara Ayyar was the legitimate candidate. Chidambara Ayyar was a well recognized scientist. He worked in solar physics and wrote a paper on the relationship between the heliographic latitude of the earth and prominence numbers east and west of the Sun axis during the years 1904-1920 (KOB-67). His other important paper was on comet Skjellerup 1927, He was elected a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society on 13th March 1925. He worked in Kodaikanal Observatory for twenty years and was transferred to Poona, Meteorological department in April 1940.


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