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Title: SN 1987A : Light Curves and Inferences
Authors: Prabhu, T. P
Keywords: Supernova 1987A;Light Curves
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Citation: Kodaikanal Observatory Bulletins Series A, Vol 10, pp. 15-23
Abstract: The UBVRI light curves of SN 1987a are described. The inferences one can draw from these data, such as the colour evolution, evolution of photospeheric radius and temperature, and bolometric light curve, are discussed. Theoretical explanation for different portions of the light curves is also given. The blue light curve is compared with the mean light curves of other supernovae. SN 1987a appears to be a low-luminosity member of type II-P supernovae, its lower luminosity being associated with a low value of envelope mass.
ISSN: 0374-3632
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