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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2015S7 : Probing the physics of seyfert galaxies through their ENLR & HII regionsDopita, M. A; Shastri, P; Scharwachter, J; Kewley, L. J; Davies, R; Sutherland, R; Kharb, P; Jose, Jessy; Bhatt, H. C; Ramya, S; Hamptona, E; Jina, C; Banfielda, J; Zawa, I; Srivastavaa, Shweta; Jamesa, B
2000Salient mechanical and optical design features of 25m-diameter light-collector of MACE imaging Gamma-Ray TelescopeBandyopadhayay, K; Koul, D. K; Mishra, V. K; Koul, R; Suthar, R. L; Koul, M. K; Jayandranath, M; Bhat, C. L
2002Salient mechanical design features of the proposed 17 meter diameter MACE imaging gamma-ray telescopeSuthar, R. L; Guha, S; Bandopadhyay, K; Mishra, V. K; Koul, R; Bhat, C. L
Mar-1998Samanta Chandra Sekhar : The great naked eye astronomerNaik, P. C; Satpathy, L
Jan-1993SAO 244567 - A post-AGB star which has turned into a planetary nebula within the last 40 yearsParthasarathy, M; Garcia-Lario, P; Pottasch, S. R; Manchando, A; Clavel, J; de Martino, D; Van de Steene, G. C. M; Sahu, K. C
Sep-1994SAO 75669: A late type giant behind the molecular cloud MBM 12Bhatt, H. C; Sagar, R; Subramaniam, A; Gorti, U; Chandrasekhar, T; Ashok, N. M; Ragland, S
Jun-1980Satellite Radio Beacon Study of the Ionospheric Variations at Hyderabad during the Total Solar Eclipse of Februrary 16, 1980Tyagi, Tuhi Ram; Singh, Lakha; Vijaykumar, P. N; Somayajulu, Y. V; Lokanadham, B; Yellaiah, G
1915Saturn and His SystemRaman, C. V
Apr-1914Saturn in a small telescopeRaman, C. V
Dec-1977Saturn-like ring system around UranusBhattacharyya, J. C; Bappu, M. K. V
Sep-1993Scale transformations and evolution of the early universeSivaram, C
Sep-2002Scanning Sky Monitor (SSM) on ASTROSAT - A status reportSeetha, S
2003Scanning Sky Monitor (SSM) on ASTROSAT- A Status ReportSeetha, S; The SSM team of ASTROSAT
12-Feb-1978Scanning the sky from KavalurThe Hindu
Jan-1996Scattering by black holes: a simulated potential approachAguirregabiria, J. M; Vishveshwara, C. V
Jun-2011Scattering due to Interstellar DustSrivastav, Shubham
2000Scattering in a parabolic encounter of a single star with a circular binaryHasan, S. N; Tagare, S. G; Alladin, S. M
Sep-2005Scattering of light by a periodic structure in the presence of randomness IV. Limit of detection by curve fittingChatterjee, S; Vani, V. C
May-2008Scattering of light by a periodic structure in the presence of randomness VII: Application of statistical detection testVani, V. C; Chatterjee, S
20-Jun-2004Scattering of Light by a Periodic Structure in the Presence of Randomness. III. Limit of the Extended Matched Filtering Method for the Detection of Weak PeriodicitiesVani, V. C; Chatterjee, S