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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2014O VI absorption in the milky way along the large magellanic cloud lines of sightSarma, R; Pathak, A; Pradhan, A. C; Murthy, J; Sarma, J. K
20-Jul-2006O VI Asymmetry and an Accelerated Outflow in an Obscured Seyfert: FUSE and HST STIS Spectroscopy of Mrk 533Shastri, P; Murthy, J; Whittle, Mark; Wills, B. J
Mar-2011[O/Fe] Estimates for Carbon-enhanced Metal-poor Stars from Near-infrared SpectroscopyKennedy, C. R; Sivarani, T; Beers, T. C; Lee, Y. S; Placco, V. M; Rossi, S; Christlieb, N; Herwig, F; Plez, B
Mar-1983Obituaries: M.K. Vainu BappuBhattacharyya, J. C
Nov-1922Obituaries: Prof. C. Michie SmithThe Editor
Feb-1881ObituaryRoyal Astronomical Society
Mar-1983Obituary - Bappu, M. KBhattacharyya, J. C
Mar-1961Obituary notices: Anil Kumar DasBappu, M. K. V
Jul-1961Obituary: Dr. A.K. Das (1902-1961)Mitra, S.N
Jun-1938Obituary: George Ellery HaleEvershed, John
Dec-1982Obituary: M.K. Vainu BappuKochhar, R. K; Menon, M. G. K
Feb-1923Obituary: Professor Charles Michie SmithEddington, A. S
1-Sep-1982Obituary: Professor M.K.V. Bappu (1927 - 82)Ramaseshan, S
Oct-1997Object-oriented programming approach to CCD data acquisition and image processingNaidu, B. N; Srinivasan, R; Muralishankar, S
Dec-1979Objects of High Redshifts (I. A. U. Symposium No. 92)Narlikar, J. V
Dec-2008Obscured and powerful AGN and starburst activities at z ~ 3.5Polletta, M; Omont, A; Berta, S; Bergeron, J; Stalin, C. S; Petitjean, P; Giorgetti, M; Trinchieri, G; Srianand, R; McCracken, H. J; Pei, Y; Dannerbauer, H
1996Observability of Coronal Heating ProcessesVenkatakrishnan, P
2001Observation of a magnetic sub-storm event in the equatorial thermosphere - suggestions for interpretationSaha, S. K
Sep-1989Observation of an H-alpha outburst in the Be star HR 4123Ghosh, K. K; Apparao, K. M. V; Tarafdar, S. P
2001Observation of hard X-ray emission from extragalactic sources 3C 273 and NGC 5506 in 20-200 keV bandManchanda, R. K