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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1977K emission line widths in the sun and the starsBappu, M. K. V; Sivaraman, K. R
Apr-1971K emission-line widths and the solar chromosphereBappu, M. K. V; Sivaraman, K. R
1986K-Line emission and the integrated surface magnetic field on the sunSivaraman, K. R; Kariyappa, R
Sep-2000K. S. Krishnan and the Kodaikanal ObservatoryMallik, D. C. V
28-Jul-1998K. S. Krishnan, much more than a ScientistNewspaper Clippings
Mar-1982K2V/K2R asymmetries in the sun and starsSivaraman, K. R
Nov-1989Kaluza-Klein space and strong gravityBiswas, S; Kumar, S; Sivaram, C
2012Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan : his life and workMallik, D. C. V; Chatterjee, S
1981KavalurBappu, M. K. V
19-Apr-2014Kavalur - ScopesLibrary, IIA
20-Jan-1986Kavalur comes of ageThe Times of India
19-Apr-2014Kavalur Early DaysLibrary, IIA
10-Jul-1985Kavalur telescope on schedulePTI
Jul-2018Kepler Object of Interest Network I. First results combining ground- and space-based observations of Kepler systems with transit timing variationsVon Essen, C; Ofir, A; Dreizler, S; Agol, E; Freudenthal, J; Hernández, J; Wedemeyer, S; Parkash, V; Deeg, H. J; Hoyer, S; Morris, B. M; Becker, A. C; Sun, L; Gu, S. H; Herrero, E; Tal-Or, L; Poppenhaeger, K; Mallonn, M; Albrecht, S; Khalafinejad, S; Boumis, P; Delgado-Correal, C; Fabrycky, D. C; Janulis, R; Lalitha, S; Liakos, A; Mikolaitis, S; Moyano D’Angelo, M. L; Sokov, E; Pakstiene, E; Popov, A; Krushinsky, V; Ribas, I; Rodríguez S, M. M; Rusov, S; Sokova, I; Tautvaisiene, G; Wang, X
Nov-2003Kerr Black Hole in the Background of the Einstein UniverseRamachandra, B. S; Rajesh Nayak, K; Vishveshwara, C. V
1-Jan-2015Kiloparsec-scale radio emission in Seyfert and LINER galaxiesSingh, V; Ishwara-Chandra, C. H; Wadadekar, Yogesh; Beelen, Alexandre; Kharb, P
Dec-1990Kinematic studies of five galactic planetary nebulaeBanerjee, D. P. K; Anandarao, B. G; Jain, S. K; Mallik, D. C. V
Jun-1988Kinematical distances to open star clustersSagar, R; Bhatt, H. C
11-Nov-2013Kinematics and Excitation of the Nuclear Spiral in the Active Galaxy Arp 102BCouto, G. S; Storchi-Bergmann, T; Axon, D. J; Robinson, A; Kharb, P; Riffel, R. A
1-Jun-2015Kinematics of and emission from helically orbiting blobs in a relativistic magnetized jetMohan, Prashanth; Mangalam, A