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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1977Day-to-day variability of midlatitude F region in winterSastri, J. H
Jul-1991Doppler frequency fluctuations of lower thermospheric reflections in the equatorial electrojet regionSastri, J. H; Ramesh, K. B; Rao, J. V. S. V
Dec-1988Equatorial electric-fields of ionospheric disturbance dynamo orginSastri, J. H
1985IMF polarity effects on the equatorial ionospheric F-regionSastri, J. H
Jun-1980Interplanetary magnetic field and equatorial ionosphereSastri, J. H
Sep-1979Ionosphere scintillations associated with features of equatorial ionosphereChandra, H; Vats, H. O; Sethia, G; Deshpande, M. R; Rastogi, R. G; Sastri, J. H; Murthy, B. S
Feb-1975Ionospheric electron content and equivalent slab thickness in the equatorial regionDas Gupta, A; Basu, S; Bhar, J. N; Bhattacharyya, J. C
Feb-1980On the growth and decay of blanketing sporadic-E layersSastri, J. H
Jul-1978On the height control of the onset of equatorial spread-FSastri, J. H; Subrahmanyam, V; Sasidharan, K; Srirama Rao, M.
Jan-1992On the nature of substorm-related transient electric field disturbances in the equatorial ionosphereSastri, J. H; Ramesh, K. B; Karunakaran, D
Dec-1991Origin of short-period (30-300 s) Doppler frequency fluctuations of lower F region reflections in the equatorial electrojet regionSastri, J. H; Ramesh, K. B; Rao, J. V. S. V; Somayajulu, V. V
Jun-1979Seasonal and sunspot-cycle effects in the occurrence of equatorial spread-F configurationsSastri, J. H; Sasidharan, K; Subrahmanyan, V; Rao, M. S
Mar-1977Small scale fluctuations in the F-region critical frequency at KodaikanalSastri, J. H; Murthy, B. S
Jun-1979Total electron content and F-region electron density distribution near the magnetic equator in IndiaRastogi, R. G; Sethia, G; Chandra, H; Deshpande, M. R; Davies, K; Murthy, B. S
Jul-1992Transient composite electric field disturbances near dip equator associated with auroral substormsSastri, J. H; Ramesh, K. B; Rao, H. N. R