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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1991Abundance analysis of the long period southern Cepheid RZ VelGiridhar, S; Goswami, A; Arellano Ferro, A
Jun-1988Effects of rotation on the colours and line indices of stars. I - The Alpha Persei ClusterRajamohan, R; Mathew, A
Sep-1990Expanding shell and P Cygni profiles of 27 Canis MajorisGhosh, K. K
Jan-1986The far-infrared (IRAS) excess in HD 161796 and related starsParthasarathy, M; Pottasch, S. R
May-1989Flare-like activity in Be stars HR 7403 and .8762Ghosh, K. K
Sep-1989Observation of an H-alpha outburst in the Be star HR 4123Ghosh, K. K; Apparao, K. M. V; Tarafdar, S. P
Sep-1983Observations of X-Per in optical domainSharma, D. P; Nagaraja, B. V; Bhattacharyya, J. C; Mohin, S; Raveendran, A. V
Feb-1992Optical CCD imaging of some Herbig Ae/Be starsBhatt, H. C; Sagar, R
Nov-1977Optical colours and polarization of a model reflection nebula. III - Composite and mixture of grains in the nebula with the star in the rearShah, G. A
Dec-1992Possible young stellar objects in the region of the Cygnus OB2 (VI Cygni) association from IRAS observationsParthasarathy, M; Jain, S. K; Bhatt, H. C
May-1990Rapid continuum level variability in Be stars earlier than B2Ghosh, K. K
Jun-1988Rapid H-alpha variability in Phi PerseiGhosh, K. K; Sanjeevkumar, T; Jaykumar, K; Kuppuswamy, K; Rosario, M. J
Feb-1988Rapid simultaneous observations of Fe II and Balmer emission lines of X OPHGhosh, K. K; Jayakumar, K
Aug-1988Rapid variations of H-alpha emission strength of eight Be starsGhosh, K. K
1978Red and blue stars in the direction of the Large Magellanic CloudParthasarathy, M
Oct-1988Search for rapid H-alpha variability studies in Be stars - 28 Eri, X Ophiuchi, 66 Ophiuchi and Pi AquariiGhosh, K. K
Mar-1990Search for rapid spectral variability in Be stars - Alpha Columbae, Rho Carinae and Eta CentauriGhosh, K. K; Pukalenthi, S; Jaykumar, K; Kuppuswamy, K; Sanjeevkumar, T; Muniandi, A
Sep-1989Search for rapid spectral variability in Psi(9) AurigaeGhosh, K. K
Oct-1989Search for rapid V/R variability in Eta CENGhosh, K. K
Sep-1976A spectroscopic study of the Scorpio-Centaurus associationRajamohan, R