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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Lowering of asymmetryPandey, K. K; Hiremath, K. M; Yellaiah, G
Mar-2017Black Holes in Our Universe: Do they Inch up the Mass Ladder?Shastri, P
10-Feb-2017On the Spectral Curvature of VHE Blazar 1ES 1011 + 496: Effect of Spatial Particle DiffusionSinha, A; Sahayanathan, S; Acharya, B. S; Anupama, G. C; Chitnis, V. R; Singh, B. B
1-Feb-2017Dynamics of Subarcsecond Bright Dots in the Transition Region above Sunspots and Their Relation to Penumbral Micro-jetsSamanta, T; Tian, H; Banerjee, D; Schanche, N
1-Feb-2017Association of Plages with Sunspots: A Multi-Wavelength Study Using Kodaikanal Ca ii K and Greenwich Sunspot Area DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
1-Feb-2017The distribution and kinematics of interstellar O VI in the milky waySarma, R; Pathak, A; Murthy, J; Sarma, J. K
1-Feb-2017Flux and polarization variability of OJ 287 during the early 2016 outburstRakshit, S; Stalin, C. S; Muneer, S; Neha, S; Paliya, Vaidehi S
1-Feb-2017Optical and Near-infrared Study of Nova V2676 Oph 2012Raj, A; Das, R. K; Walter, F. M.
Feb-2017Structural analysis of star-forming blue early-type galaxies Merger-driven star formation in elliptical galaxiesGeorge, K
Feb-2017A software package for evaluating the performance of a star sensor operationMayuresh, Sarpotdar; Mathew, J; Sreejith, A. G; Nirmal, K; Ambily, S; Prakash, A; Safonova, M; Murthy, J
Feb-2017Performance results of HESP physical modelAnantha, Ch; Sivarani, T; Jones, D; Giridhar, S; Grobler, D; Jakobsson, R
Feb-2017Mapping distortion of detectors in UVIT onboard astrosat observatoryGirish, V; Tandon, S. N; Sriram, S; Amit Kumar; Postma, J
Feb-2017On the discovery of K I 7699 ˚A line strength variation during the 1982–1984 eclipse of ε AurigaeParthasarathy, M
Feb-2017Prospect for UV observations from the Moon. II. Instrumental design of an ultraviolet imager LUCIMathew, J; Prakash, A; Mayuresh, Sarpotdar; Sreejith, A. G; Nirmal, K; Ambily, S; Safonova, M; Murthy, J; Brosch, N
21-Jan-2017GMRT H I study of giant low surface brightness galaxiesMishra, A; Kantharia, N. G; Mousumi Das; Omar, A; Srivastava, D. C
20-Jan-2017Solar Active Longitudes from Kodaikanal White-Light Digitized DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
20-Jan-2017A theoretical study of the Build-Up of the Sun's Polar Magnetic Field by using a 3D Kinematic Dynamo ModelHazra, G; Choudhuri, A. R; Miesch, Mark S
10-Jan-2017Unravelling the Components of a Multi-Thermal Coronal Loop Using Magnetohydrodynamic SeismologyPrasad, S. K; Jess, D. B; Klimchuk, J. A; Banerjee, D
1-Jan-2017Peak flux of flares associated with Coronal Mass EjectionsSuryanarayana, G. S; Balakrishna, K. M
1-Jan-2017Chemical Analysis of a Carbon-Enhanced Very Metal-Poor Star: CD-27 14351Drisya, K; Goswami, A; Masseron, T