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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2019Correlations between the CME acceleration, other CME parameters and flare energySuryanarayana, G. S
Mar-2019Intra-night optical variability of misaligned active galaxiesBhattacharya, Debbijoy; Gulati, S; Stalin, C. S
Feb-2019WISE view of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies: mid-infrared colour and variabilityRakshit, S; Johnson, A; Stalin, C. S; Gandhi, Poshak; Hoenig, Sebastian
Jan-2019Angular momentum of stars and thier planetsGurumath, S. R; Hiremath, K. M; Ramasubramanian, V
Jan-2019Measurement of astronomical seeing using long exposure solar imagesSridharan, R; Ravindra, B; Prabhu, K
Jan-2019Spectroscopic study of two new super Li-rich red clump K giantsRaghubar Singh; Reddy, B. E; Bharat Kumar, Y
10-Dec-2018Magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the X9.3 flare on 2017 September 6: evolving magnetic topologyJiang, C; Zou, P; Feng, X; Hu, Qiang; Liu, Rui; Vemareddy, P; Duan, Aiying; Zuo, P; Wang, Yi; Wei, Fengsi
Dec-2018Characterization of the HD 219134 multi-planet system I. Observations of stellar magnetism, wind, and high-energy fluxFolsom, C. P.; Fossati, L; Wood, B. E; Sreejith, A. G; Cubillos, P. E; Vidotto, A. A; Alecian, E; Girish, V; Lichtenegger, H; Murthy, J; Petit, P; Valyavin, G
Dec-2018Polarization and QPOs from jets in black hole systemsMangalam, A
Dec-2018The magnetic field geometry of small solar wind flux ropes inferred from their twist distributionYu, W; Farrugia, C. J; Lugaz, N; Galvin, A. B; Mostl, C; Paulson, K; Vemareddy, P
Dec-2018Line identification and photometric history of the hot post-AGB star Hen 3−1013 (IRAS 14331−6435)Arkhipova, V. P; Parthasarathy, M; Ikonnikova, N. P; Ishigaki, M; Hubrig, S; Sarkar, G; Kniazev, A. Y
Dec-2018Characterization of the HD 219134 multi-planet system II. Stellar-wind sputtered exospheres in rocky planets b & cVidotto, A. A; Lichtenegger, H; Fossati, L; Folsom, C. P.; Wood, B. E; Murthy, J; Petit, P; Sreejith, A. G; Valyavin, G
Dec-2018Rare finding of a 100 Kpc large, double-lobed radio galaxy hosted in the narrow-line seyfert 1 galaxy SDSS J103024.95+551622.7Rakshit, S; Stalin, C. S; Hota, A; Konar, C
Dec-2018Long-term ultraviolet variability of Seyfert galaxiesSukanya, N; Stalin, C. S; Joseph, P; Rakshit, S; Praveen, D; Damle, R
Dec-2018Variable stars in M37Dar, A. A; Parihar, P. S; Saleh, P; Malik, M. A
Dec-2018Planetary nebulae with UVIT II. revelations from far-UV vision of Butterfly nebula NGC 6302Kameswara Rao, N; De Marco, O; Sriram, K; Murthy, J; Ray, A; Sutaria, F. K; Mohan, Rekhesh
Dec-2018S stars and s-process in the Gaia era I. Stellar parameters and chemical abundances in a sub-sample of S stars with new MARCS model atmospheresShetye, S; Van Eck, S; Jorissen, A; Van Winckel, H; Siess, L; Goriely, S; Escorza, A; Drisya, K; Plez, B
Nov-2018Solar meridional circulation from twenty-one years of SOHO/MDI and SDO/HMI observations Helioseismic travel times and forward modeling in the ray approximationLiang, Zhi-Chao; Gizon, L; Birch, A. C; Duvall, T. L. Jr; Rajaguru, S. P
Nov-2018Ultraviolet stellar population of the old open cluster M67 (NGC 2682)Sindhu, N; Subramaniam, A; Anu Radha, C
Nov-2018A SALT spectral study of S0s hosting pseudobulgesVaghmare, K; Barway, S; Vaisanen, Petri; Ramphul, Rajin; Wadadekar, Yogesh; Kembhavi, A