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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19992D radiative equilibrium models of magnetic flux tubesHasan, S. S; Kalkofen, W; Steiner, O
Oct-2005Dynamics of the Solar Magnetic Network: Two-dimensional MHD SimulationsHasan, S. S; van Ballegooijen, A. A; Kalkofen, W; Steiner, O
Mar-2007First local helioseismic experiments with CO5Steiner, O; Vigeesh, G; Krieger, L; Wedemeyer-Böhm, S; Schaffenberger, W; Freytag, B
2013First Steps with CO5BOLD Using HLLMHD and PP Reconstruction.Steiner, O; Rajaguru, S. P; Vigeesh, G; Steffen, M; Schaffenberger, W; Freytag, B
May-2008Inferring the chromospheric magnetic topology through wavesHasan, S. S; Steiner, O; van Ballegooijen, A
Mar-2009Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in Magnetic NetworkVigeesh, G; Hasan, S. S; Steiner, O
Dec-2014Properties of small-scale magnetism of stellar atmospheresSteiner, O; Salhab, R; Freytag, B; Rajaguru, S. P; Schaffenberger, W; Steffen, M
Jun-2018Simulation of the small-scale magnetism in main-sequence stellar atmospheresSalhab, R. G; Steiner, O; Berdyugina, S. V; Freytag, B; Rajaguru, S. P; Steffen, M
Oct-2011Stokes Diagnostics of Magneto-Acoustic Wave Propagation in the Magnetic Network on the SunVigeesh, G; Steiner, O; Hasan, S. S
Dec-2009Wave propagation and energy transport in the magnetic network of the SunVigeesh, G; Hasan, S. S; Steiner, O
May-2008Wave propagation in multiple flux tubes and chromospheric heatingHasan, S. S; van Ballegooijen, A; Steiner, O