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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2010Activity dependence of solar supergranular fractal dimensionPaniveni, U; Krishan, V; Singh, J; Srikanth, R
Mar-1999The Chromospheric Network - (A) Network Evolution Viewed as a Diffusion ProcessSrikanth, R; Singh, J; Raju, K. P
Feb-1999The chromospheric network: Dependence of cell lifetime on length-scaleSrikanth, R; Raju, K. P; Singh, J
Mar-1998The Correlation Lifetimes of Chromospheric CA II K Network CellsRaju, K. P; Srikanth, R; Singh, J
Jun-1998The Dependence of Chromospheric CA II K Network Cell Sizes on Solar LatitudeRaju, K. P; Srikanth, R; Singh, J
1997Determination of Linear Polarization of Solar Corona from Observations of the Eclipse of October 24, 1995Srikanth, R; Sharma, Mangala; Rajaguru, S. P
May-2000Distribution of Supergranular SizesSrikanth, R; Singh, J; Raju, K. P
Dec-2002The Distribution of the Quiet Sun Photospheric Magnetic FluxSrikanth, R; Singh, J; Bagare, S. P
Dec-2005Fractal structure of solar supergranulationPaniveni, U; Krishan, V; Singh, J; Srikanth, R
Aug-2002Information flow due to controlled interference in entangled systemsSrikanth, R
1999Lifetimes and sizes of supergranular cellsRaju, K. P; Srikanth, R; Singh, J
2000Morphology of Ca II K bright points and their link to G band bright pointsKrishnakumar, V; Venkatakrishnan, P; Srikanth, R
1997Narrow Band Photometry in Emission Lines during the Total Solar Eclipse of October 24, 1995Singh, J; Cowsik, R; Venkatakrishnan, P; Srinivasan, R; Chinnappan, V; Raju, K. P; Srikanth, R
Dec-2001On a generalized peaceful coexistence of special relativity and quantum mechanicsSrikanth, R
Oct-2005On the Fractal Structure of Solar SupergranulationPaniveni, U; Krishan, V; Singh, J; Srikanth, R
2001Photospheric Flow Fields and Properties of Embedded Small-scale Magnetic Flux ConcentrationsRajaguru, S. P; Srikanth, R; Hasan, S. S
Jul-1999Physical Interpretation of the Poynting-Robertson EffectSrikanth, R
Mar-2001Possible Evidence of Long-Term Oscillations in the Solar AtmosphereRaju, K. P; Singh, J; Srikanth, R; Chou, Dean-Yi; CA, TON team
Nov-2001A quantum field theoretic description of the delayed choice experimentSrikanth, R
1-Feb-2004Relationship between horizontal flow velocity and cell lifetime for supergranulation from SOHO DopplergramsPaniveni, U; Krishan, V; Singh, J; Srikanth, R