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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2019Association of calcium network bright points with underneath photospheric magnetic patchesNarang, Nancy; Banerjee, D; Chandrashekhar, K; Pant, V
Feb-2018Association of calcium network brightness with polar magnetic fieldsNarang, Nancy; Chandrashekhar, K; Pant, V; Banerjee, D
10-Dec-2016Automated Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in Stereo Heliospheric Imager DataPant, V; Willems, S; Rodriguez, L; Mierla, M; Banerjee, D; Davies, J. A
Feb-2018Automated detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) on-board ADITYA-L1Ritesh Patel; Amareswari, K; Pant, V; Banerjee, D
Oct-2017Dynamics of coronal transients as seen from space observationsPant, V
1-Jul-2015Dynamics of on-disk plumes as observed with the interface region imaging spectrograph, the atmospheric imaging assembly, and the helioseismic and magnetic imagerPant, V; Dolla, L; Mazumder, R; Banerjee, D; Krishna Prasad, S; Vemareddy, P
1-Sep-2016The Effects of Transients on Photospheric and Chromospheric Power DistributionsSamanta, T; Henriques, V. M. J; Banerjee, D; Krishna Prasad, S; Mathioudakis, M; Jess, D; Pant, V
20-Sep-2017First Imaging Observation of Standing Slow Wave in Coronal Fan LoopsPant, V; Tiwari, A; Yuan, D; Banerjee, D
1-Mar-2015Flows and waves in Braided solar coronal magnetic structuresPant, V; Datta, A; Banerjee, D
Aug-2018The inner coronagraph on board ADITYA-L1 and automatic detection of CMEsBanerjee, D; Ritesh Patel; Pant, V; ADITYA Team
Oct-2015MHD Seismology of a loop-like filament tube by observed kink wavesPant, V; Srivastava, A. K; Banerjee, D; Goossens, M; Chen, P.-F; Joshi, N. C; Zhou, Y.-H
Jul-2018Onboard Automated CME Detection Algorithm for the Visible Emission Line Coronagraph on ADITYA-L1Ritesh Patel; Amareswari, K; Pant, V; Banerjee, D; Sankarasubramanian, K; Amit Kumar
10-Dec-2015Propagating disturbances in the solar corona and spicular connectionSamanta, T; Pant, V; Banerjee, D
10-Sep-2016Reflection of Propagating Slow Magneto-acoustic Waves in Hot Coronal Loops: Multi-instrument Observations and Numerical ModelingMandal, Sudip; Yuan, Ding; Fang, Xia; Banerjee, D; Pant, V; Van Doorsselaere, Tom
Nov-2016Simultaneous longitudinal and transverse oscillations in an active-region filamentPant, V; Mazumder, R; Yuan, Ding; Banerjee, D; Srivastava, Abhishek K; Shen, Yuandeng
Nov-2016Transverse oscillations in a coronal loop triggered by a jetSarkar, S; Pant, V; Srivastava, A. K; Banerjee, D
10-Jun-2018Twisting/Swirling Motions during a Prominence Eruption as Seen from SDO/AIAPant, V; Datta, A; Banerjee, D; Chandrashekhar, K; Ray, S
25-Aug-2017Visible Emission Line Coronagraph on Aditya-L1Prasad, B. R; Banerjee, D; Singh, J; Nagabhushana, S; Amit Kumar; Kamath, P. U; Kathiravan, S; Suresh Narra, Venkata; Rajkumar, N; Natarajan, V; Juneja, M; Somu, P; Pant, V; Shaji, N; Sankarsubramanian, K; Patra, A; Venkateswaran, R; Adoni, A. A; Narendra, S; Haridas, T. R; Mathew, S. K; Mohan Krishna, R; Amareswari, K; Jaiswal, B