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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1980Absorption of intense electromagnetic beams in a magnetoplasmaGopalswamy, N; Krishan, V
20-Nov-2016Constraining the solar coronal magnetic field strength using split-band type ii radio burst observationsKishore, P; Ramesh, R; Hariharan, K; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N
10-Aug-2019Direct estimates of the solar coronal magnetic field using contemporaneous extreme-ultraviolet, radio, and white-light observationsAnshu Kumari; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Wang, T. J; Gopalswamy, N
1-Nov-2014An Estimate of the Coronal Magnetic Field near a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection from Low-frequency Radio ObservationsHariharan, K; Ramesh, R; Kishore, P; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N
Mar-1986Estimation of coronal magnetic fields using Type-I emissionGopalswamy, N; Thejappa, G; Sastry, Ch. V; Tlamicha, A
1984Fine structure in solar decametric radiationThejappa, G; Sastry, Ch. V; Gopalswamy, N
Nov-1985Ion-sound turbulence due to shock gradients in collisionless plasmasGopalswamy, N; Thejappa, G
20-Jun-2012The location of solar metric type ii radio bursts with respect to the associated coronal mass ejectionsRamesh, R; Anna Lakshmi, M; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N; Umapathy, S
10-Jul-2017New Evidence for a Coronal Mass Ejection-driven High Frequency Type II Burst near the SunAnshu Kumari; Ramesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Gopalswamy, N
Feb-1993A new investigation of microbursts at meter-decameter wavelengthsSubramanian, K. R; Gopalswamy, N; Sastry, Ch. V
Sep-1983Observations and interpretation of solar decametric absorption burstsGopalswamy, N; Thejappa, G; Sastry, Ch. V
1984Observations on the Fine Structures in Solar Decametric Radio EmissionGopalswamy, N; Thejappa, G; Sastry, Ch. V
20-Nov-2017Prominence Eruption Initiated by Helical Kink Instability of an Embedded Flux RopeVemareddy, P; Gopalswamy, N; Ravindra, B
20-Mar-2010Radioheliograph observations of metric Type II bursts and the kinematics of coronal mass ejectionsRamesh, R; Kathiravan, C; Sreeja S. K; Gopalswamy, N
Jun-1986A theory of Jovian shadow burstsGopalswamy, N
1986Type-I Solar Radio BurstsGopalswamy, N