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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2004Anchor depths of flux elements and depths of flux sources in relation to the two rotation profiles of the sun's surface magnetic fieldsSivaraman, K. R; Gokhale, M. H
1998Comparison of rotation frequencies of sunspot groups with the radial gradient of sun's plasma rotation frequencyJavaraiah, J; Gokhale, M. H
Nov-1979Differential rotation of solar features and its variation as deduced from the "shock-transition model" of the solar cycleGokhale, M. H
Dec-1986Does sunspot activity originate in slow global oscillations of the sun?Gokhale, M. H
Mar-1988Equilibrium of a thin, isolated, axisymmetric force-free magnetic flux tube in a stratified atmosphereLakshmi, P; Gokhale, M. H
Nov-1997Estimation of the depths of initial anchoring and the rising-rates of sunspot magnetic structures from rotation frequencies of sunspot groupsJavaraiah, J; Gokhale, M. H
1998Facilities for solar optical observations at IIAGokhale, M. H
2000Fossil magnetic fields of the sun and starsHiremath, K. M; Gokhale, M. H
1977Fundamental Flux Tubes in the Solar Magnetic Fields: Generation of the FFT's and the periodic field reversalGokhale, M. H
1977Fundamental Flux Tubes in the Solar Magnetic Fileds: Significance of the Flux-amount; possibility of rising and durabilityGokhale, M. H
Jan-1995Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. 3: `Shapes' and `sizes' of the sunspot cycles and maintenance of MHD spectrum by energy cascadeGokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J
Mar-1992Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. I - Search for 'dispersion relations'Gokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J; Kutty, K. N; Varghese, B. A
Apr-1992Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. II - Phases, 'geometrical eigenmodes', and coupling of field behaviour in different latitudesGokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J
1990Interpretation of the 'third harmonic' of the solar magnetic cycleGokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J
1986Longitudinal flows in stellar magnetic flux tubesGokhale, M. H; Hiremath, K. M
Mar-2007Measurement of Kodaikanal White-Light Images: Relaxation of Tilts of Spot Groups as Indicator of Subsurface Dynamics of Parent Flux LoopsSivaraman, K. R; Gokhale, M. H; Sivaraman, H; Gupta, S. S; Howard, R. F
1998Mechanism of the solar cycle : recent results and new ideasGokhale, M. H
1996MHD window on the sunGokhale, M. H
Feb-2016Mid-term quasi-periodicities in the CaII-K plage index of the Sun and their implicationsChowdhury, P; Gokhale, M. H; Singh, J; Moon, Y.-J
Jun-1995Model of 'steady' Parts of Rotation and Magnetic Field in the Sun's Convection ZoneHiremath, K. M; Gokhale, M. H