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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Automation of dome rotation at 2.34m Vainu Bappu TelescopeChinnappan, V; Faseehana
Dec-2004Characterization of adaptive optics mirrors using long yrace profilometerSaxena, A. K; Chinnappan, V; Ismail Jabilullah, R
Sep-2002Characterization of MOEMS-based adaptive mirror for wavefront correctionChinnappan, V; Saxena, A. K; Sreenivasan, A
1992The design and installation of the secondary mirror motor control for 2.34m Vainu Bappu TelescopeChinnappan, V
1999Development of a Speckle Interferometer and the Measurement of Fried's Parameter (ro) at the Telescope SiteSaha, S. K; Sudheendra, G; Chandra, A. U; Chinnappan, V
2011Important guidelines and safety precaution for battery management in UPS and other applicationsChinnappan, V
1998Improving the throughput of telescope by adaptive optics methodsChinnappan, V; Saxena, A. K; Sreenivasan, A
1991Intensified CCD Camera Based Remote Guiding Unit for VBT and Observation of Speckles with ICCDChinnappan, V; Saha, S. K; Faseehana
Sep-2001Low-cost adaptive optics for astronomical applicationsChinnappan, V; Saxena, A. K; Sreenivasan, A
Jun-1985The Microprocessor control of the Kavalur 234-cm optical telescopeChinnappan, V; Bhattacharyya, J. C
1997Narrow Band Photometry in Emission Lines during the Total Solar Eclipse of October 24, 1995Singh, J; Cowsik, R; Venkatakrishnan, P; Srinivasan, R; Chinnappan, V; Raju, K. P; Srikanth, R
Aug-2006A new approach to stellar image correction for atmospherically degraded imagesChinnappan, V
1999Night time variation of Fried's parameter at VBT, KavalurSaha, S. K; Chinnappan, V
Sep-2002Performance evaluation of high-speed camera system for adaptive opticsChinnappan, V; Saxena, A. K; Sreenivasan, A
Sep-2002Performance of the low light level CCD camera for speckle imagmgSaha, S. K; Chinnappan, V
Sep-2002Speckle interferometric observations of close binary starsSaha, S. K; Chinnappan, V; Yeshwanth, L; Anbazhagan, P
1993Telescope drive requirements and design of a Microcontroller based drive and display systemChinnappan, V