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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2001The Accelero-Magnetic Field, Thomas Precession and an Equivalence Principle for SpinUnnikrishnan, C. S
Mar-2001Anomalous gravity data during the 1997 total solar eclipse do not support the hypothesis of gravitational shieldingUnnikrishnan, C. S; Mohapatra, A. K; Gillies, G. T
Aug-2004Comment on ``Observation of matter wave beat phenomena in the macrodomain for electrons moving along a magnetic field''Unnikrishnan, C. S
Sep-2001Do leptons generate gravity? First laboratory constraints obtained from some /G experiments and possibility of a new decisive constraintUnnikrishnan, C. S; Gillies, G. T
Jun-2002The Equivalence Principle and Quantum MechanicsUnnikrishnan, C. S
Aug-2002Evidence for the quantum birth of our UniverseUnnikrishnan, C. S; Gillies, G. T; Ritter, R. C
1993Gravitational collapse of inhomogeneous dust: Naked singularities, black hole formation and Hawking evaporationUnnikrishnan, C. S
Sep-2001Interaction-Free Measurements of the Second Type: Concepts and Proposal for a Feasible ExperimentUnnikrishnan, C. S
Feb-2002Is the Quantum Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Complete? Proposed Resolution of the EPR PuzzleUnnikrishnan, C. S
Nov-1994Nano-constraints on the spatial anisotropy of the gravitational constantUnnikrishnan, C. S; Gillies, G. T
May-2000New limits on the gravitational Majorana screening from the Z├╝rich G experimentUnnikrishnan, C. S; Gillies, G. T
Jul-1998Nuclear-spin-dependent parity-nonconserving transitions in Ba/sup+ and Ra/sup+Geetha, K. P; Singh, A. D; Das, B. P; Unnikrishnan, C. S
1993On naked singularities in spherically symmetric gravitational collapseUnnikrishnan, C. S
Jul-2000Origin of quantum-mechanical complementarity without momentum back action in atom-interferometry experimentsUnnikrishnan, C. S
Apr-2000Popper's experiment, uncertainty principle, signal locality and momentum conservationUnnikrishnan, C. S
25-Jun-1999Probing fundamental problems with lasers and cold atoms: An Indo-French workshopUnnikrishnan, C. S
Aug-2002Proof of absence of spooky action at a distance in quantum correlationsUnnikrishnan, C. S
Sep-2001Quantum correlations from local amplitudes and the resolution of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen nonlocality puzzleUnnikrishnan, C. S
Sep-1996Some comments on the two prism tunnelling experimentUnnikrishnan, C. S; Murthy, S. A
Mar-2001A unified view on Aharanov-Bohm like phases and some applicationsUnnikrishnan, C. S