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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19992D radiative equilibrium models of magnetic flux tubesHasan, S. S; Kalkofen, W; Steiner, O
2013Acoustic Emission From Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Solar NetworkVigeesh, G; Hasan, S. S
Jun-1978The Alfven-Carlquist double-layer theory of solar flaresHasan, S. S; Ter Haar, D
2008Chromospheric dynamicsHasan, S. S
1990Classification of Magnetoatmospheric Modes in Sunspot UmbraeHasan, S. S; Sobouti, Y
Jan-1982Comment on the paper 'a new resonance in the solar atmosphere' by Joseph V. HollwegVenkatakrishnan, P; Hasan, S. S
Nov-1984Convective collapse and overstable oscillations in solar flux tubesHasan, S. S
Feb-2002Convective Intensification of Magnetic Flux Tubes in Stellar PhotospheresRajaguru, S. P; Kurucz, R. L; Hasan, S. S
2010Development of Solar Differential Image Motion Monitor at IIA, for the NLST site characterization programHasan, S. S; Saxena, A. K; Bagare, S. P; Samson, J. P. A; Ismail, M. M; Rajendra, B. S; Aditya, T; Jabilullah, R. I; Tsewang, D
1996Dynamical Effects in Solar Photospheric Flux TubesHasan, S. S
Nov-1997Dynamical phenomena in sunspots. I. Time dependent relaxation to equilibriumGangadhara, R. T; Hasan, S. S
Dec-2000Dynamical Processes in Flux Tubes and their Role in Chromospheric HeatingHasan, S. S
Mar-2009The DynaMICCS perspective. A mission for a complete and continuous view of the Sun dedicated to magnetism, space weather and space climateTurck-Chieze, S; Lamy, P; Carr, C; Carton, P. H; Chevalier, A; Dandouras, I; Defise, J. M; Dewitte, S; Dudok de Wit, T; Halain, J. P; Hasan, S. S; Hochedez, J. F; Horbury, T; Levacher, P; Meissonier, M; Murphy, N; Rochus, P; Ruzmaikin, A; Schmutz, W; Thuillier, G; Vives, S
Dec-2004Dynamics and heating of the magnetic network on the Sun. Efficiency of mode transformationHasan, S. S; Ulmschneider, P
2003The dynamics of the quiet solar chromosphereKalkofen, W; Hasan, S. S; Ulmschneider, P
20-Jun-2008Dynamics of the Solar Magnetic Network. II. Heating the Magnetized ChromosphereHasan, S. S; van Ballegooijen, A. A
Oct-2005Dynamics of the Solar Magnetic Network: Two-dimensional MHD SimulationsHasan, S. S; van Ballegooijen, A. A; Kalkofen, W; Steiner, O
May-1997Effect of Newtonian Cooling on Waves in a Magnetized Isothermal AtmosphereBanerjee, D; Hasan, S. S; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J
1996The effect of p-modes on thin magnetic flux tubesHasan, S. S; Bogdan, T. J
Sep-1988Energy transport in intense flux tubes on the sun. I - Equilibrium atmosphereHasan, S. S