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Title: Emission lines of inner corona observed during the total solar eclipse of 1980 February 16
Authors: Singh, J
Rajamohan, R
Raheem, K. C. A
Keywords: Inner solar corona;Emission lines;Solar eclipse
Issue Date: Dec-1983
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 337-340
Abstract: Spectrograms of the inner solar corona were obtained during the 1980 total solar eclipse. Two Ebert-Fastie type spectrographs with circular slits were used to obtain spectra on the east and the west at 1.06 R. These spectrographs were operated at a dispersion of 28.3 A/supo/ mm/sup-1/ and covered the whole of the visible spectrum. The relative intensities of the emission lines of the inner corona, chromosphere and prominences are reported here. There is an indication of the existence of a highly active isolated pocket in the solar corona with a temperature > 4 X 10/sup6/ K. We find that the ratio of the intensities of Ca/sup+/K/Ca/sup+/H is about 1.5 in the prominences whereas it is only 1.0 in the chromosphere.
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