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Title: Virtual Observatory-India: information support for remote users
Authors: Vagiswari, Alladi
Birdie, C
Nirupama Bawdekar
Ajit, Khembhavi
Geetha Sheshadri
Keywords: Virtual Observatory;Virtual Information Support;Digital Library Initiatives;FORSA (Forum for Resource Sharing in Astronomy & Astrophysics)
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: U.S.Naval Observatory
Citation: Library and Information Services in Astronomy IV (LISA IV), Emerging and preserving: providing astronomical information in the digital age. Proceedings of a conference held at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 2-5 July 2002. Edited by Brenda G. Corbin, Elizabeth P. Bryson, and Marek Wolf., 2003, pp. 73-80
Abstract: A Virtual Observatory (VO) seeks to provide a single virtual platform which will provide astronomers easy access to large astronomical data over many different wavelengths. The data are gathered from space-based missions and from ground-based telescopes. VO related projects are being started in India also, and Virtual Observatory-India is the brain child of IUCAA as a collaboration between astronomers and software developers in the country. Specific programs are being developed, and mirror sites of databases are being created. They have received funding from the government. Astronomical Libraries in India will play a major role in this project in the form of Virtual Information Support. The Virtual Information Support (VIS) will serve as a tool for meeting the information needs of the astronomical community in the country, from anywhere at anytime. It will be a major source of support to provide seamless access to the resources held in the astronomy libraries, including the online interactive services. FORSA (Forum for Resource Sharing in Astronomy & Astrophysics) is an informal cohesive group of astronomy libraries in India, which will be the force behind this Virtual Library to share resources and services. The major VIS initiative in 2002 will be the design and implementation of a web site - with features such as newsletter, an integrated library database of all the libraries of the FORSA members, and an online interactive form to facilitate the interlibrary exchange.
Description: Open Access
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