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Title: The future of consortia among Indian Libraries - FORSA consortium as forerunner?
Authors: Birdie, C
Vagiswari, Alladi
Keywords: FORSA Consortium;E-Journals;Indian Libraries
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: Library and Information Services in Astronomy IV (LISA IV), Emerging and preserving: providing astronomical information in the digital age. Proceedings of a conference held at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 2-5 July 2002. Edited by Brenda G. Corbin, Elizabeth P. Bryson, and Marek Wolf., 2003, p. 165-171
Abstract: The phenomenon of consortia or group of libraries buying e-information together has become very important in the last few years. This new scenario, along with new forms of purchasing and selling e-information, has led to new pricing models that have not yet been fixed. Publishers and vendors find it convenient to communicate to a group collectively rather than transacting with individual libraries. In this paper we discuss the various offers from different publishers for access to electronic journals. We also attempt to analyze the suitability of these offers for the future of consortia arrangement in libraries in India based on the requirement and usage of digital information. Some of the challenges could be sorted out with the help of governments' participation in bridging the Digital Divide within the country more economically.
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