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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Polarization of seven MBM clouds at high Galactic latitudeNeha, S; Maheswar, G; Soam, A; Lee, C. W
Oct-2018Search for variable stars in the open cluster NGC 2509Dar, A. A; Parihar, P. S; Saleh, P; Malik, M. A
10-May-2018Minkowski Tensors in Two Dimensions: Probing the Morphology and Isotropy of the Matter and Galaxy Density FieldsAppleby, S; Chingangbam, P; Park, C; Hong, S. E; Kim, J; Vidhya, G
1-May-2018The VMC Survey. XXIX. Turbulence-controlled Hierarchical Star Formation in the Small Magellanic CloudSun, N; de Grijs, R; Cioni, M. L; Rubele, S; Subramanian, S; van Loon, J. T; Bekki, K; Bell, C. P. M; Ivanov, V. D; Marconi, M; Muraveva, T; Oliveira, J. M; Ripepi, V
May-2018UVIT observations of the star-forming ring in NGC 7252: Evidence of possible AGN feedback suppressing central star formationGeorge, K; Joseph, P; Mondal, Chayan; Devaraj, A; Subramaniam, A; Stalin, C. S; Cote, P; Ghosh, S. K; Hutchings, J. B; Mohan, Rekhesh; Postma, J; Sankarasubramanian, K; Sreekumar, P; Tandon, S. N
10-May-2018Two New Super Li-rich Core He-burning Giants: A New Twist to the Long Tale of Li Enhancement in K GiantsBharat Kumar, Y; Singh, R; Reddy, B. E; Zhao, G
10-May-2018The Diffuse Radiation Field at High Galactic LatitudesAkshaya, M. S; Murthy, J; Ravichandran, S; Henry, R. C; Overduin, J
May-2018Recurring coronal holes and their rotation rates during the solar cycles 22-24Prabhu, K; Ravindra, B; Hegde, M; Doddamani, V. H
Jun-2018Magnetic fields in multiple bright-rimmed clouds in different directions of H II region IC 1396Soam, A; Maheswar, G; Lee, C. W; Neha, S; Kim, K
Jun-2018Atmospheric mass-loss of extrasolar planets orbiting magnetically active host starsLalitha, S; Schmitt, J. H. M. M; Dash, S
Jul-2018Why are classical bulges more common in S0 galaxies than in spiral galaxies?Mishra, P. K; Wadadekar, Y; Barway, Sudhanshu
Apr-2018Properties of Narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxiesRakshit, S; Stalin, C. S; Chand, H; Zhang, X
Apr-2018Gravitational Lensing and Microlensing in Clusters: Clusters as Dark Matter TelescopesSafonova, M
Apr-2018Core-collapse SNe of type IIP and their progenitors: The case study of PNV J01315945+3328458Dastidar, R; Kumar, B; Sahu, D. K; Misra, K; Singh, M; Gangopadhyay, A; Anapuma, G. C; Pandey, S. B
Apr-2018Light Curve and Spectral Evolution of Type IIb SupernovaeGangopadhyay, A; Misra, K; Pastorello, A; Sahu, D. K; Singh, M; Dastidar, R; Anapuma, G. C; Kumar, B; Pandey, S. B
Apr-2018Multi-band optical variability studies of BlazarsAditi Agarwal
Apr-2018Physics and observations of tidal disruption eventsMangalam, A; Mageshwaran, T
Apr-2018Dual Active Galactic Nuclei in Nearby GalaxiesMousumi Das; Rubinur, K; Preethi, K; Varghese, A; Novakkuni, N; James, A
Apr-2018Probing the central engine and environment of AGN using ARIES 1.3-m and 3.6-m telescopesChand, H; Rakshit, S; Jalan, P; Ojha, V; Srianand, R; Vivek, M; Mishra, S; Omar, A; Kumar, P; Joshi, R; Gopal Krishna; Kumar, R
Apr-2018Scientific Summary of the First BINA WorkshopSagar, R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 4263
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