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Title: Dynamics of Limb Flare and Associated Primary and Secondary Post Flare Loops
Authors: Uddin, W
Joshi, B
Chandra, R
Joshi, A
Keywords: Flare loops;Limb flare;Magnetic field
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol. 31, No. 3&4, pp. 303 - 308
Abstract: In this paper we present the analysis of M 1.8 class (GOES SXR) limb flare and associated post flare loops of 2 May, 2001 which erupted on the west limb in NOAA 9433 (N15, W88). The flare started at around 00:32 UT from a small mound of twisted loops. When we started H observations at 00:52 UT the flare was in decay phase enveloped by highly sheared/twisted post flare loops which we call as primary post flare loops. The unique feature of this flare was that a new system of loops were developed when the primary loops were almost decaying. We call these newly formed loops as secondary loops. The main aim of the paper is to study the dynamics of the H flare/post flare loops and to understand how the magnetic field gets relaxed from highly sheared/twisted stage to a simplified potential field. We have discussed the nature of temporal behavior of the temperature and emission measure of the flare. The post flare condensation and formation of secondary loops has also been studied in this paper. The flare was also associated with SXR, HXR and MW emissions.
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