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Title: Explosive alpha capturing reactions at high temperature conditions in Astrophysics
Authors: Bhattcharyya, A. B
Duorah, K
Duorah, H. L
Keywords: Pre-supernova;Explosive nucleosynthesis
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol.24 No. 4 pp. 705-709
Abstract: It has been recognized that C to the power 12 (alpha, gamma) O to the power 16 and O to the power 16 (alpha, gamma) Ne to the power 20 may proceed explosively at some stellar situation; more particularly at the outer layers of pre-supernova stage of stellar evolution. The effect of temperature on the mass of nuclei involved in these reactions are studied. Corrections for finite number size and nuclear surface energy are considered. There is a considerable change in the mass along with the temperature in the region considered. With these new mass, Q values for the reactions are calculated. With these new values, it is expected that reaction may proceed through some new levels. Reaction rate for capturing reactions are modified accordingly.
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