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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1985P Cygni type profilesPeraiah, A; Srinivasa Rao, M
Aug-2017p-capture reaction cycles in rotating massive stars and their impact on elemental abundances in globular cluster stars: A case study of O, Na and AlMahanta, Upakul; Goswami, A; Duorah, H. L; Duorah, K
2016p-Mode Interaction with SunspotsCally, P. S; Moradi, H; Rajaguru, S. P
1996The p-mode spectra of the roAp starsMartinez, Peter
9-Jan-1925P.R. Chidambara Ayyar elected as a fellow of the Royal Astronomical SocietyRoyal Astronomical Society
2000Pachmarhi array of Cerenkov telescopesBhat, P. N; Acharya, B. S; Chitnis, V. R; D'Souza, A. I; Francis, P. J; Gothe, K. S; John, A. V; Mazumdar, P; Nagesh, B. K; Purohit, P. N; Rahman, M. A; Rao, S. K; Rao, K. K; Sharma, S. K; Stanislaus, A. J; Sudershanan, P. V; Swamy, M. R. K; Upadhyaya, S. S; Murty, B. L. V
Jul-2003PACT results on very high energy g-ray emission from CRAB pulsarSripathi Acharya, B; Vishwanath, P. R; Bhat, P. N; Chitnis, V. R; Majumdar, P; Rahman, M. A; Singh, B. B
Sep-2017PAH features within few hundred parsecs of active galactic nucleiJensen, J. J; Honig, S. F; Rakshit, S; Alonso-Herrero, A; Asmus, D; Gandhi, P; Kishimoto, M; Smette, A; Tristram, K. R. W
1999PAM-APF (Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics – Asia/Pacific Forum): Network for resource sharing and consortium formationVagiswari, A; Louis, C
1998The pancasiddhantika of Varahamihira : A puzzling problem is its presently available textSarma, K. V
1-Jun-2012Panchromatic observations of the textbook grb 110205a: constraining physical mechanisms of prompt emission and afterglowZheng, W; Shen, R. F; Sakamoto, T; Beardmore, A. P; De Pasquale, M; Wu, X. F; Gorosabel, J; Urata, Y; Sugita, S; Zhang, B; Pozanenko, A; Nissinen, M; Sahu, D. K; Im, M; Ukwatta, T. N; Andreev, M; Klunko, E; Volnova, A; Akerlof, C. W; Anto, P; Barthelmy, S. D; Breeveld, A; Carsenty, U; Castillo-Carrion, S; Castro-Tirado, A. J; Chester, M. M; Chuang, C. J; Cunniffe, R; De Ugarte Postigo, A; Duffard, R; Flewelling, H; Gehrels, N; Guver, T; Guziy, S; Hentunen, V. P; Huang, K. Y; Jelinek, M; Koch, T. S; Kubanek, P; Kuin, P; McKay, T. A; Mottola, S; Oates, S. R; O'Brien, P; Ohno, M; Page, M. J; Pandey, S. B; Perez del Pulgar, C; Rujopakarn, W; Rykoff, E; Salmi, T; Sanchez-Ramirez, R; Schaefer, B. E; Sergeev, A; Sonbas, E; Sota, A; Tello, J. C; Yamaoka, K; Yost, S. A; Yuan, F
1917Paper on "A proposed reformation of our calendar"Ridsdale, A. C
1918Paper on "The climate of Mars and the possibility of organic life theron."Ridsdale, A. C
May-1914A paper on JupiterMitchell, J
1917Paper on last year's Sun-spotsRidsdale, A. C
1917Paper on recent increasing disagreement between the theoretical and observed positions of the MoonRidsdale, A. C
Jan-1913A paper on some references to meteoric showers in the RamayanaBose, P. C
Apr-1911Paper on standard timeSarkar, C. K
1916Paper on the mysteries of etherRidsdale, A. C
Apr-1911Paper on the testing of parabolic mirrorsHarrison, E. P